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Ge Fei

Most notable among the winners was Ge Fei who won the Award of Excellent Achievements (2004) for his novel Ren Mian Tao Hua (Woman's Face and Peach Blossoms), which probed the way to analyze the universal spiritual conflict between people's dreams and disillusions.

Ge Fei, with the original name of Liu Yong, was born in 1964 in Jiangsu. He went to the Department of Chinese Literature, Shanghai East China Normal University in 1981, and upon graduation he started working in the same university as a teacher. Since then, he has worked as instructor (1987), associate professor (1994), and professor (1998) in the Department of Chinese Literature. Obtained his PhD in literature in 2000, he is now a professor of literature working at Qinghua University in Beijing. He mainly gives lectures on writing, novel narration, Ingmar Bergman and European movies, etc. Moreover, his works have been translated into several foreign languages and published abroad.

Ge Fei built his reputation as a notable avant-garde writer in Chinese literature in the 1980s. His contemplative writing style characterizes this radical 41-year-old writer. Some of his short stories, such as Mi Zhou (The Enigmatic Boat) and He Se Niao Qun (The Flock of Brown Birds), are regarded as the most representative experimental texts by China’s avant-garde writers.

He developed a labyrinth-like structure described by critics as "a strange circle of narration" and often gave strong hints of abstract thought. At the same time, his writing also shows certain influences from Chinese lyrical and metaphysical traditions. The delicately wrought language, leisurely narrative manner and remote and classic atmosphere created by his pen are most unforgettable.

After the completion of the highly applauded Yu Wang De Qi Zhi (The Banner of Desire) in 1994, Ge Fei stopped writing novels and concentrated primarily on his teaching career at Qinghua University. The award-winning novel Ren Mian Tao Hua (Woman's Face and Peach Blossoms) was a long-awaited work.


Invitation from Literature

By Ge Fei
Tsinghua University Press

Based on the combination of scrutinizing the Chinese and foreign literary works with the China's traditional resources on narration, this book discuses and expounds on relevant issues one by one, and gives a preliminary review of the western literary theor...

Glamour Comes from Your Eloquence

By Ge Feimu
Morning Glory Publishers

This book is aimed at showing the importance of eloquence in modern society. And we tell the effect of eloquence from marriage, workplace, social contact, talk, and entrepreneurship. At the same time, we provide you with notes and tips to help you improve ...

Glamour Comes from Your Humour

By Ge Feimu
Morning Glory Publishers

This book is aimed at helping people cultivate a sense of humour and telling you the role of humour in your life. Humour not only help you cultivate a strong personality but also help you make a difference in physical and mind, social contact, work, family...

Reading Mencius

By Ge Feimu
Morning Glory Publishers

This book interprets this classic from three perspects of notes, translation and evaluation. The rational spirit and humanity is still worthy of advocating today. This book analyzes the application of Mencius thought in politics, management and administrat...

Read the Book of Changes

By Ge Feimu
Morning Glory Publishers

The Book of Changes, is the most influential one in so many Chinese ancient masterpieces. People disagree, from it, philosophers know dialectics thoughts, politicians know strategies of governing, strategist see opportunities, business see operating method...

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